Peritoneal Dialysis University for
Interventional Nephrologists
and Interventional Radiologists

Program Description

Program Description

PD (Peritoneal Dialysis) University for Interventionalists provides a two-step approach to training Interventional Nephrologists and Interventional Radiologists to place catheters for peritoneal dialysis using image guided techniques. The first step is a series of comprehensive lectures covering all aspects of creating and maintaining PD access. The second step is Hands-on Training Course with stations designed to provide the interventionalist with a comprehensive overview of placing PD catheters. Although not required, the first step is highly encouraged before advancing to the Hands-on Training portion.

For the Didactic portion, we are offering the Virtual Course. The Virtual Course is on-demand pre-recorded lectures. The lecture topics are organized in a logical fashion, one subject building upon the previous, and therefore we suggest that they be viewed in the prescribed sequence.

The Hands on Training (HOT) Course is the second step and includes Hands on Training Stations designed to provide the interventionalist with a comprehensive overview of placing PD catheters using image guided techniques. Participants will have the opportunity in small groups to learn how to assess patients for the correct PD catheter, insertion and exit sites; use ultrasound and fluoroscopic image guided techniques available to Interventional Nephrologists and Interventional Radiologists to place PD catheters; execute proper techniques for primary externalization of catheters and embedding catheters for delayed exteriorization; and learn to make appropriate catheter tubing attachments and properly immobilize the catheter at the time of surgery.

The HOT course will require a separate registration and will have a separate registration fee. The HOT course will also offer CME.

This course is designed for Interventional Nephrologists and Interventional Radiologist without regard to PD catheter placement experience.


Virtual Course

  • Didactic Lectures On-Demand
  • Comprehensive training on Image Guided PD Catheter Placement
  • Great knowledge base before attending Hands on Training
  • CME not available

Hands on Training

  • Hands-on learning sessions for image guided PD Catheter insertion
  • Maximum capacity of 20 physicians per course
  • Course held in Tampa, Florida
  • CME
  • More information coming soon


Lecture Title


Peritoneal Dialysis: A Review

Arsh Jain, MD

Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters and Preoperative Assessment and Preparation

Venkat Krishnamurthy, MD

Urgent Peritoneal Dialysis Program

Sean Armstrong, MD

Image-Guided Percutaneous Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement

Peter Hathaway, MD

Managing PD Complications: An Interventionalist-Surgeon Collaborative Approach to Management of Infectious and Mechanical Complications

John Crabtree, MD

Station I

Preoperative Mapping and PD Catheter Selection

Station II

PD Catheter Placement using Ultrasound and Percutaneous techniques

Station III

Catheter Insertion using Fluoroscopy

Station IV

PD Catheter Embedding, Externalization, Device Connections, and Dressings

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